Sound Design

rifa soundscapes
soundscape | musicbed | background music | ambient music

      2020 sure round
      2020 surround layer scary
      2017 background ambiente art event
      2015 tape art layer
      2014 marmor art event
      2014 marmor video master
      2014 marmor part 1
      promotion music bed 8x45
      promotion music bed rifanis
      musicbed the brainchild experiment
      theatrical background sound

rifa channelsurf
loop | signation | jingle | SFX | sample

      blue guit loop
      signation 1
      signation 2
      signation geri guitar
      jingle 8x45
      sample dog small barking
      changing page

2012 c90 schmiede (featuring 8 smiths)
mixing | music production
music collaboration at schmiede hallein 2012 – featuring 8 smith´s

rifa audio services at soundcloud

If audio recordings with instruments are required, i got close contact to musicians and their instruments ;)