Review: Album SOUP 015 elevator monkey – lift off

Review by disquiet

When Rifa, on Elevator Monkey (Prison Soup, a French netlabel), isn’t channeling Tom Waits (“Penetrate”), or ramming a disco chestnut through a carton of cigarettes disguised as a granular synthesizer (“Don’t Rush”), it makes for some bracing electronic music. “Timewarp” presents a uniquely staunch take on dub, with a beat that’s little more than a struck match and a compulsory echo that could be approximated with an old coffee can. Rifa humanizes the environs on “Timewarp” with a breathy trip-hop diva, and does the same on “M1,” but that track has a more elegantly rattled rhythm, slipping up on occasion in a manner too low key to be truly called glitch. “Tapemeserios” is of a piece with those tracks, but it also sounds like it was recorded on the Orient Express, with a contact microphone glued to the undercarriage; it’s both fuller and noisier. And then there’s “Bling1,” the album’s finest track, which blends in some hip-hop, but also messes with the rhythms as if the whole composition had been laid on a shifting bed of ball bearings.

Rifa is described by Prison Soup as an Austrian electro and indie/alternative musician, born on 27th May 1977 in Vienna/Austria. Producing tracks since 2000 he has scattered a vast number of free tracks over the internet. Because of the varying styles of music, he uses different pseudonyms to divide his work.

soup 015

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new feedback beats/basis project by Stayfi

      2019 11 12 93bpm - PP - Stayfi
melodies by Stayfi (austria)

all feedback and the beats/basis to participate


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Today is World Poetry Day ! / Zum Welttag der Poesie !

One of my poems in German that seems relevant to the current situation. English translation follows / Eines meiner deutschsprachigen Gedichte, passend zur derzeitigen Situation

Poetry has saved my life! How has it affected yours?


Dumpf drängt die Zeit uns rein in neue Dekaden

oft markerschütternd, wie der Klang von Zikaden

Kunst sprengt, bereit für Neues, Barrikaden

und baut sogleich sie wieder auf, mit neuen Farben

Strahlendes blendet uns, mit viel zuviel Lumen

alles nur Spiel und Anspielungen

wie Blumen in Masse ein Meer ergeben

Harmonie ist wie Pferde in Herden leben

werden eben noch gestillt und stehen schon auf eigenen Hufen

wir sind die Teil der Natur, doch auch die das Leugnen schufen


Forced to walk gloomy through the decades

often in a state of alertness, like the cicadas

art kills barricades, prepares for what’s new

and erects them again with new colors

sparkles blind our eyesight with too many lumens

all just acting-up and insinuations

like flowers en masse making up a sea

harmony is like herding horses

who were just breastfed and are already standing on their own hooves

we are part of nature, but also the ones who invented denial

end or fin x

rifa – end or fin x

      end or fin x