fuzzy sessions

blume – fuzzy sessions

artist: fuzzy sessions
track: blume

recorded 2012-04-23 by Gerald Pepl and Thomas Schenk
photo by fashaaark


Brighten my way (lyric)

This is my ode to the sun …

I´m looking up, into the sky_____{G Am C G}
i´m begging on my knees, _______{D C G G}
maybe if i started to cry?________{G Am C G}
Would you hit me please!_________{D C G G}

Wash down the cold from me,____{Em C G G}
make my day, ___________________{D C G G}
i´m so in need,__________________{Em C G G}
brighten my way________________ {D C G G}

You´r for sure to old for me,____{G Am C G}
is loving you a crime?___________{D C G G}
But i, i can´t resist to say:_____{G Am C G}
hit me baby, one more time._____{D C G G}

Wash down the cold from me,____{Em C G G}
make my day,___________________{D C G G}
i´m so in need,________________{Em C G G}
brighten my way_______________{D C G G}

RIFAsound music projects (compilation)

A 13 track collection, including all rifa pseudonyms/projects. Different genres, solo projects and collaboration with close friends like miki obradovic, avrah kadabra and curtiss cobane. Enjoy !

11111. bing1 | rifa – 22222. proud supporters | timon sampla – 33333. ecstasys kingdom | elecTroTseTung – 44444. crazymamma | not used rooms – 55555. kosmonaut | cat in flat – 66666. banksy (umami) | der randamplan – 77777. irrenhaus | fuzzy sessions – 88888. jüdisches verbrechen | miki obradovic – 99999. tote schreie | rifa / avrah kadabra – 10101010. arbeitsheld | rifa / avrah kadabra – 11111111. sturmhauben (potion) | brian shank´s – 12121212. endorfin x | rifa – 13131313. ich will nicht! | der randamplan

      bing1 | rifa - rifa

      proud supporters | timon sampla - timon sampla

      ecstasys kingdom | elecTroTseTung - elecTroTseTung

      crazymamma | not used rooms - not used rooms

      kosmonaut | cat in flat - cat in flat

      banksy (umami) | der randamplan - der randamplan

      irrenhaus | fuzzy sessions - fuzzy sessions

      jüdisches verbrechen | miki obradovic - fuzzy sessions (miki obradovic)

      tote schreie | rifa / avrah kadabra - rifa / avrah kadabra

      arbeitsheld | rifa / avrah kadabra - rifa / avrah kadabra

      sturmhauben (potion) | brian shank´s - brian shank´s

      endorfin x | rifa - rifa

      ich will nicht! | der randamplan - der randamplan