rifa beats/basis for participation

choose one to play to and/or work on and i send you the wav tracks

top or soundcloud | feedback below

      beat 1 original (camp ing) - 80/160bpm

      beat 1 feedback by avrah kadabra

synth, melody, didgeridoo by avrah kadabra (austria)

      beat 2 original (hesitate) - 81.8bpm

      beat 3 original - 85.5/170bpm

      beat 3 feedback by DubberSoul (austria)

bass, guitars, piano, clavi, synths, glockenspiel by
DubberSoul (austria)

      beat 4 original - 90bpm

      beat 4 feedback by XMark (greece)

melodies and synths by
XMark (greece)

      beat 5 original (global sleep) - 91bpm

      beat 6 original - 93bpm

      beat 6 feedback by Stayfi (austria) - Stayfi

melodies by Stayfi (austria)

      beat 7 original (bloody sun die) - 95bpm

      beat 8 original (cminor) - 100bpm

      2019 11 27 hans hang - without beat

hang by hans (austria), guitar by miki (switzerland)

      Computer Freak 97bpm - old beat

voice by Saskia (senegal)

yet feedback to 4 beats/basis:

+ 1 feedback without beat: 2019 11 27 hans hang ;)
+ 1 feedback to an old rifa beat: Computer Freak 97bpm :)

… tracks in process

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