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[SWF]/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/effekt_aphex_2012.swf, 70,70 [/SWF][SWF]/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/effekt_lacher2_2012.swf, 70,70 [/SWF][SWF]/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/effekt_tom_2012.swf, 70,70 [/SWF][SWF]/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/effekt_rifa_2012.swf, 70,70 [/SWF][SWF]/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/effekt_movie_2012.swf, 70,70 [/SWF]


  Film and Audio

Practice areas: Assistant Cameraman | Assistant Film Editor | Audio Post Production | Audio Engineering | Sound Design | Audio Editing | Sound Performances | Film Editing | Photography

PORTFOLIO FILM AND AUDIO_Thomas Schenk (pdf download)

# Women´s Cultural Retreat (Tourism) – Photography, Slideshow
# Sokrates (Theatrical Play) – Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production

# Puppet Theater (Theater) – Sound Design
# Therapy and Consciousness (Seminar) – Audio Edit
# Rifa, Timon Sampla (Band) – Sound Production, Video Production

# Explorations, Antje Larsen at residenceSea (Audio Visual Performance) – Sound Design, Sound Performance
# Brian Shank´s (Band) – Live Act, Sound Production, Video Production

# Unveiling a Parallel (Short Movie) – Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production
# Loca (Short Movie) – Audio Engineering
# Geitones (Short Movie) – Audio Edit, Audio Post Production, Sound Design
# Thomas Havlik at residenceSea – Promotion Video

# The great calling of Psarantonis (Promotion Video) – Assistant Film Editor, Audio Edit
# TEDxAnogeia (Event) – Audio Edit
# The Complicity (Short Movie) – Assistant Cameraman, Assistant Film Editor, Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production
# Tsipras as Kolokotronis (Short Video) – Sound Design, Audio Post Edit
# Tension-Flow-Fury (Exhibition) – Audio Post Production, Sound Design

# Gdansk City Gallery (Promotion Video) – Sound Post Edit
# The Sea I See (Audio Visual Performance) – Sound Design, Sound Performance
# Easter in Anogeia (Documentary) – Assistant Film Editor, Audio Post Production

before 2014
# The Opening of the Universe by Farida Amar(Audio Visual Collaboration) – Audio Post Production, Sound Design
# Das Leben des Kurt O. by Christoph Schinko (Animated Short Movie) – Audio Post Production, Sound Design, Foley Editing, SFX
# Space Time Helix by Michela Pelusio (Live Audio Visual Performance) – Sound Design, Audio Edit


  Sound Design

rifa soundscapes
soundscape | musicbed | background music | ambient music

2020 sure round2020 surround layer scary2017 background ambiente art event2015 tape art layer2014 marmor art event2014 marmor video master2014 marmor part 1promotion music bed 8×45promotion music bed rifanismusicbed the brainchild experimenttheatrical background sound

rifa channelsurf
loop | signation | jingle | SFX | sample

blue guit loopsignation 1signation 2signation geri guitarjingle 8×45sample dog small barkingchanging page

2012 c90 schmiede (featuring 8 smiths)
mixing | music production
music collaboration at schmiede hallein 2012 – featuring 8 smith´s

rifa audio services at soundcloud

If audio recordings with instruments are required, i got close contact to musicians and their instruments ;)