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Feedback Beat/Basis Project

      2019 11 6_85.5_170bpm - RTwoDToo
bass, guitars, piano, e-piano, clavi, synths, glockenspiel by DubberSoul (austria)
      2017 08 15_80_160 - camp ing avrah kadabra
synth, melody, didgeridoo by avrah kadabra (austria)
      2019 11 27 hans hang
hang by hans (austria), guitar by miki (switzerland)
      2019 11 11 90bpm XMark
melodies and synths by XMark (greece)
      Computer Freak 97bpm
voice by Saskia (Senegal)


Biography in About/Portfolio


Born and raised in Vienna / Austria in 1977. Freestyling and writing lyrics since 1991. Production of beats and electronic music since 1993. In the following years several live performances in small places and collaboration with musicians of different genres. Composition of a variety of tracks in German and Viennese dialect with Miki Obradovic (guitar, lyrics, vocals).
1996 Matura graduation – Electronic Engineering. 2001 Owner of the Creative Agency Loop + Logo together with the partners Michael Pointner (graphic design) and Miki Obradovic (programming) and the Advertising Agency Mindwarp. Designer of image and audio material for the promotion of products (websites, logo design, corporate identity, sound design, content, online games, animation, etc.).
2004 Release of the Rifa album „Elevator Monkey – Lift off“ by the copyleft label Prisonsoup (France). In the following years a large number of online publications and advertising projects (audio engineering). 2004 Sound design for the animated film „Das Leben von Kurti O. – Wie Kurti zu seinem eigenen Namen kam“ by Christoph Schinko.
2007-2010 project manager marketing (customer acquisition, negotiations, project specifications, cost control, analysis, statistics, etc.)
Participation in the Producer Festival „Schmiede – playground of ideas) in Hallein 2012 and 2013 (collaboration with artists of different genres). 2013 Rifa at ResidenceSea Heraklion – sensing your environment through art. 2013 Final Cut Pro certified associate and collaboration with British rapper Curtiss Cobane (Brian Shank´s). Brian Shank´s live performances at Schmiede 2013 with Kike Perdoma (Saxophone), Jeroen Truyen (Drums), Matthias Leboucher (Keyboard) and Sarah Glenda (Voice) and at ResidenceSea Heraklion.
2013 move to Heraklion: Audio post-production, sound design, audio engineering, audio editing for short films, art events, animations and videos. Collaboration with filmmakers and experiences in the fields of cameraman, film editor and photography.


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About/Portfolio updated

Mit dem Kopf in den Sternen

Es ist wie es ist wenn es passiert,
es ist und kommt und manches bleibt,
es wird auch dich und mich erwischen
und reinziehen in die Ewigkeit.

Manch einer windet sich und glaubt
es sei ihm nicht bestimmt, geht taub
und blind durchs Leben neben sich,
seiner einstigen Sinne beraubt.

Ein anderer hat es gleich erkannt,
ergibt sich ohne den Verstand
zu nutzen, hell erleuchtet bräuchte
er nur eine Hand …

die ihn hält und sanft den Weg weist,
liebevoll und so harmonisch,
wird er auch hineingezogen,
noch bevor er weiß was los ist.

Schwimmt im Glück des Jetzt,
mit dem Kopf in den Sternen,
ist bereit zu sein
und zu lernen.


Portfolio Film and Audio
Practice areas: Audio Engineering – Sound Design – Audio Edit – Sound Performances – Film Edit – Assistant Cameraman – Photography

PORTFOLIO FILM AND AUDIO_Thomas Schenk (pdf download)

# Women´s Cultural Retreat (Tourism) – Photography, Slideshow
# Sokrates (Theatrical Play) – Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production
# Puppet Theater (Theater) – Sound Design
# Therapy and Consciousness (Seminar) – Audio Edit
# Rifa, Timon Sampla (Band) – Sound Production, Video Production
# Explorations, Antje Larsen at residenceSea (Audio Visual Performance) – Sound Design, Sound Performance
# Brian Shank´s (Band) – Live Act, Sound Production, Video Production
# Unveiling a Parallel (Short Movie) – Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production
# Loca (Short Movie) – Audio Engineering
# Geitones (Short Movie) – Audio Edit, Audio Post Production, Sound Design
# Thomas Havlik at residenceSea – Promotion Video
# The great calling of Psarantonis (Promotion Video) – Assistant Film Editor, Audio Edit
# TEDxAnogeia (Event) – Audio Edit
# The Complicity (Short Movie) – Assistant Cameraman, Assistant Film Editor, Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production
# Tsipras as Kolokotronis (Short Video) – Sound Design, Audio Post Edit
# Tension-Flow-Fury (Exhibition) – Audio Post Production, Sound Design
# Gdansk City Gallery (Promotion Video) – Sound Post Edit
# The Sea I See (Audio Visual Performance) – Sound Design, Sound Performance
# Easter in Anogeia (Documentary) – Assistant Film Editor, Audio Post Production
before 2014
# The Opening of the Universe by Farida Amar (Audio Visual Collaboration) – Audio Post Production, Sound Design
# Das Leben des Kurt O. by Christoph Schinko (Animated Short Movie) – Audio Post Production, Sound Design, Foley Editing, SFX
# Space Time Helix by Michela Pelusio (Live Audio Visual Performance) – Sound Design, Audio Edit